Hut Offerings

Sound Meditation

Our sound meditation will take you on a one hour journey incorporating Tibetan bowls and chimes. Simply lie down or take a seated position and listen to the sounds and vibrations that arise from these unique instruments.⁠

Slow Flow  

Slow-moving vinyasa class that builds heat and encourages strength and stability as we move through floor-based and standing postures. Breathwork and philosophy are woven into each class.


This class is slow and typically low to the ground. We hold poses for several minutes, allowing time for us to unwind and reset. Singing bowls will often provide a backdrop to this class.

Ying Yang  

Yin/Yang yoga involves both flow and stillness; aiming to build heat and circulate prana throughout your body. We guide you towards shapes and movements to explore each moment in an open and curious way.

Power Flow  

A dynamic practice leading you through a series of postures that balance strength and flexibility consistently linking breath throughout. This advanced flow will challenge physical power and mental resilience.

Free Flow  

A free-flowing, evolving practice, ideal for both beginners and experienced. A balance of strengthening and lengthening through a sequence of flowing asanas. This class is a great way to improve flexibility, build strength, release stress and improve blood flow.


Involved many techniques that focus on the use of breathing exercises as a means of therapy and self-healing. Breathwork is more than an exercise of breathing correctly or with intent. Breathing techniques are tools for major transformation and healing. Breathwork encompasses a broad range of whole-being therapeutic practices and exercises used to relieve mental, physical and/or emotional tension.
Restorative yoga is an invitation to find a deep sense of rest and comfort. Aided by an abundance of props, this practice gives the student full permission to soften and be supported. While Restorative yoga is similar in some ways to Yin yoga, the difference between the two practices is that Restorative yoga is not designed to generate any stress in the body. Instead, the intention is to find shapes in which the student can shift into their “rest and digest” mode. This practice is ideal for anyone whose energy needs to be deeply restored.