Emma – Warm Vinyasa flow. Vinyasa flow, a medium intensity class that incorporates both elements of a dynamic and restorative practice.

 Katie – Warm Vinyasa flow. A strong, playful vinyasa developing mind body connection through fluid movement and clear instruction.

 Melissa – Warm Vinyasa flow. Gentle beginner to intermediate vinyasa flow,: Aimed to re-align the body leaving you feeling relaxed, re-energised and empowered.

 Ayla – Warm Vinyasa flow. A dynamic, fun, creative class; Expressing freedom in movement while cultivating a deeper connection inward.

 Christina – ( summer classes ) Warm Vinyasa flow. Vinyasa flow, medium intensity which includes mindfulness techniques to enhance clarity and mental wellbeing.

 Grace – Free flow power Vinyasa complimented with dynamic sounds to guide you on an elemental journey within.

 Sonja – Warm Vinyasa flow. Sweet , strong and dreamy with a dash of playfulness.

 Sonja – for kids. Fun, playful & mindful.

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Classes are suitable for all levels of experience. Our instructors will tailor the sequences to suit all needs.